Building Bridges of Hope and Healing

The Current Situation

Abbott House serves more than 130 South Dakota children annually in its residential treatment programs and Bridges Foster Home in Mitchell and Rapid City. Once these children have graduated from their treatment program they need a positive, family setting in which to continue their healthy living patterns. A therapeutic foster home is their best option for a successful life. Unfortunately, that option is not always available to them. 

Another dimension of the problem is that, at age 18, children in foster care can no longer be served through that program because they are a legal adult. For most their transition into independent life is very challenging. They may have no family support and no place to go, no one who will love them and care for them while they face their transition from adolescence into adulthood. They face a precarious future. The statistics point this out. 

In response to this problem, Abbott House implemented the “Bridges” program in 2013 to provide children a “bridge” to the future. This opened the door to Abbott House Therapeutic foster care homes for them. In 2016, Abbott House opened two Bridges Therapeutic Foster Homes in Rapid City. Today Abbott House serves 29 children in five therapeutic foster homes. To assist individuals turning 18, Abbott House created independent living apartments in Mitchell. For the young adults who used this program, the results are compelling. 

BUT . . . the program cannot accommodate all those who need it.

Abbott House Will Build Two Additional Therapeutic Foster Family Homes in Rapid City

  • One for six boys ages 10 to 17
  • Another for six girls ages 10 to 17

These homes will provide expanded “close to home” foster care to area children and to their families.

In addition:

  • Two Independent living apartments in each of the homes will provide an independent living option for those 18 years of age and older
  • Two 2-bedroom apartments for young women, 18 to 23 years of age
  • Two 2-bedroom apartments for young men, 18 to 23 years of age

Funding the Solution: 

A $2 Million Construction Project

The Abbott House Board of Directors has authorized a capital campaign to construct the two new Bridges homes in Rapid City. 

The campaign has been gifted $560,000 from early contributors, including a $190,000 commitment from the Rapid City Vision Fund, and has received preliminary approval from SD Housing Authority for another $450,000 in financial support. Additional proposals for funding from various sources are also under consideration. With nearly $1 million raised for construction, Abbott House will need to raise $1 million.

The “Building Bridges” Campaign In The Greater Rapid City Community: 

Goal $1 Million 

The balance of the campaign is presented to the greater Rapid City community for funding. Contributions will be received in the form of pledges of up to five years, one-time gifts of cash and marketable assets, needed and agreed upon gifts-in-kind and contributions through Required Minimum Deductions (RMD) from donors aged 70 1/2 and older with IRAs and employer funded retirement programs. Gifts exceeding the $2 million construction goal will be placed in an endowment to support the Bridges program. Abbott House has an endowment fund created at the Black Hills Area Community Foundation and the South Dakota Community Foundation.  Donations can be earmarked for the Bridges program at either foundation. You can make your donation today on our website.