Therapeutic Foster Care

A Place to Call Home… Abbott House operates three therapeutic foster homes serving a total of 17 young ladies ages 12 to 17 in Mitchell, SD.  Two of the foster homes can house six girls, one home has five girls living in it.   Abbott House also operates two therapeutic foster homes in Rapid City, SD; one home serves  six young men ages 12 to 17 and one serves six young ladies ages 12 to 17.

All of these young people no longer require residential psychiatric treatment but lack the skills necessary to live independently.  A salaried couple lives in each home and serves as the parental figures for the girls or boys living in their respective homes.  Many of the girls are former residents of Abbott House but are considered difficult to place in regular foster homes because of age or behavioral problems.

Once girls graduate from the Abbott House treatment program, all of the therapy and emotional work may be lost if they cannot use their coping and communication skills in a real family setting.  These homes provide a family environment where girls and boys learn skills needed as they transition into adulthood.  Each resident of the foster homes has her/her own bedroom, attends school and holds a summer job if appropriate.  Abbott House sees these homes as an investment toward independence and personal responsibility.