2018 Annual Report

Residential Program

Youth Served
At Abbott House we serve 60-90 girls each year, 74 in FY18, with ages ranging from 7 – 17.  Thirty-five of these children were newly enrolled in FY18.

Gender: 100% of the children served this year were Female.

7—12 yrs 5 12%
13—18 yrs 30 88%
Ethnic Background:
Caucasian 38%
Native American 45%
African American 1%




Occupancy for FY18 = 96%

  • 95% of Abbott House’s Clients parents/workers would recommend AH to others.
  • Parents/workers state that their girls are still reaping the benefits of their treatment up to 6 months after being dismissed from Treatment.
  • 100% of the girls that successfully complete their program at Abbott House improve academically from the time they come to AH to the time they are dismissed.
  • In nine to twelve months, girls improved 60% on their Interpersonal Distress (Depression) scores. Girls also improved 67% on their Mood Disorder scores.
  • 88% of Abbott House girls are dismissed positively (going back to their families or with a family).

Bridges Therapeutic Foster Care Program

Abbott House provides a safe place for children who complete treatment and have no other place to go.  There were 55 youth served in FY 18.  Occupancy for FY18 = 87%

Independent Living

Abbott House provides 4 apartments and independent living support services for South Dakota boys and girls.  There were 10 girls served in FY 18.

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