About Abbott House

Helping Youth Overcome and Achieve Since 1939

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Abbott House has served countless youth in need since opening our doors in Mitchell, South Dakota in 1939. In this time, our operations have grown immensely to keep up with the ever-growing need for quality support services for youth across the state of South Dakota.

Now operating in Mitchell, SD and Rapid City, SD, Abbott House persists in our efforts to continue to grow alongside our youth and ensure all children have a chance to succeed, and thrive, and overcome the adversities they have faced.

As a 501C-3 non-profit organization, Abbott House relies on the support of generous donors and government funding to continue facilitating our therapeutic services for youth to overcome and achieve.

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“You can become a mom and dad to a child who has no one else to really count on in life. You can make a difference in the life of a child that has been rejected, abused, broken, and left alone. You are giving them the chance to experience what a real family can be and give them a place to call their home.”

“As a parent you always want your kids to succeed. In a therapeutic foster home setting, it is challenging to know that the best way for these children to succeed in life is to step back when they have a setback or experience a failure. It’s hard to not enable them to be successful. But allowing a child to fail in a safe environment and for them to know that their foster parent is there to encourage and to support them through a problem is the best way for the child to figure things out on their own which in turn will help them to becoming successful. This is actually true for all parents. It can also be challenging to balance the foster care program with your own personal family times as well as being sure to guard personal time for yourself. The most rewarding part is seeing the girls taking steps forward. Hearing from the girls after they are gone and hearing them share their appreciation for being in the home and how much it means to them that we were there for them and how the overall experiences they had in our home impacted their lives.”

Champions for our Youth: Our Mission

For more than 80 years, Abbott House has provided children to young adults, ages 7 to 23, with a second chance at youth—a place of hope and recovery for those who have suffered trauma and abuse.  Without help now, many of these young people perpetuate the cycle of violence and punish themselves indefinitely for the tragedy that was placed on their shoulders. Abbott House and Bridges by Abbott House are programs where young people get another chance to turn the abuse and victimization of their past into experiences lived, but that do not overwhelm their lives.


Abbott House takes pride in maintaining relationships with accrediting and member organizations that help to ensure quality care and education.

Abbott House is accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services.

Licensed by the South Dakota Department of Social Services

Approved by the South Dakota Department of Education and Cultural Affairs

A member of the National Fellowship of Child Care Executives and the Residential Care Consortium