Attention Abbott House & Bridges Alumni

We have education scholarships available!


The Abbott House Scholarship fund was created by people who believe in “giving a leg up” to those who need it. The scholarship funds are available through the Mary E. Fuchs Scholarship and the Abbott House Scholarship. These scholarships are used to help Abbott House and Bridges by Abbott House alumni pursue their dreams of improving their lives. Scholarship money can be used for a variety of things including certification programs, technical school, post-secondary education, and various other training opportunities that will support young adults as they face life’s challenges. Since 2000, Abbott House has provided over $40,000 in scholarships to nearly 100 alums. Don’t hesitate – fill out a scholarship application today!

About the Mary E. Fuchs Scholarship

The Mary E Fuchs Scholarship started providing scholarship money in 2020 and has provided over $9,000 in scholarship money in the last two years.  In addition, donors can earmark gifts for scholarships to support current Abbott House residents or Abbott House alums who are pursuing additional skills. Scholarship support is available to any individual who has participated in an Abbott House or Bridges by Abbott House program.

”As a scholarship recipient through Abbott House for multiple years in a row, this card will surely be a poor representation of my gratitude. I truly would not have made it where I am today – preparing to become a doctor – without all of the help you have provided me with over the years. Thank you for giving me my future.”

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants must complete application and cover letter requesting consideration for scholarship funds.
  2. Scholarship applications can be submitted throughout the year to the Development Coordinator.
  3. Scholarship application deadline is July 15.
  4. Abbott House Scholarship Committee will review applications and determine the number of 
    scholarships and scholarship value.
  5. Recipients will be announced annually by August 1.
  6. Scholarship monies will be mailed/transferred directly to educational institution/certificate or training
  7. Recipients must submit course schedule and course unofficial transcript showing passing grades to
    receive second portion of scholarship.
  8. When success is demonstrated, applicants will only need to submit a letter or e-mail requesting to
    reapply for additional funding.
  9. Applicants can reapply for as many years as they choose to continue their education. There is no limit
    to the number of scholarships an applicant can receive.

Scholarship applications must be sent to Abbott House no later than July 15th.  If you have questions, please contact Virginia Wishard-Lambert via our Contact Form or call 605.996.2486 ext. 120.

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