Larson Independent Living.

Larson Independent Living

Prepare to transition to life beyond Abbott House with the Larson Independent Living Program


Bridges by Abbott House provides opportunities for our aging youth to live a more independent lifestyle through the Larson Independent Living Program. Represented by 16 independent living apartments across Mitchell and Rapid City, Abbott House is proud to offer the opportunity for our young adults to enjoy an independent living experience, supported by the therapeutic services provided by Bridges. Resources like the Larson Independent Living Program are critical to those preparing to exit our care who may not have a support system beyond the walls of our foster homes or residential treatment facility. Here, these individuals can use our services as a launch pad, gearing them to leap into their adulthood.

The Impact of Larson Independent Living

  • Four Independent Living Locations
  • Capacity to House 16 Individuals in 16 Apartments
  • A wealth of opportunity to learn and adjust to adult living
  • Access to Support Services Provided by Bridges by Abbott House
  • Affordable Living for Men and Women

The Purpose of Larson Independent Living

Tailored to help young adults fine-tune their living skills while accommodating affordable housing and a structured, independent lifestyle, this program has proven to be an incredible resource for young adults in our care who are beginning to transition to a lifestyle beyond Abbott House. Youth in this program sign a lease, find and maintain a job, often attend college or a technical school and care for themselves. From building skills pertaining to cooking, doing laundry, and maintaining a financially-sound life style, this program aims to provide formative experiences for youth as they prepare to enter their adult life.


“I hated saving (money) at first, but honestly I do appreciate being made to save money,” Mikala said. “I was the first girl to purchase a car while living in the foster home and that is because I saved my money. I purchased my car all on my own.”

“I don’t ever want to have to struggle in life,” Mikala said. “I’m past all of that. I am proud of myself and my family is proud of me too.”

Staff members are available to offer assistance and guidance as they transition into their own apartment and learn to live an independent lifestyle, establishing appropriate schedules and responsibilities. Having spent time in our care, Larson Independent Living provides youth with further access to the therapeutic resources and support system that have defined our work over the last several decades.