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As a premier provider of services for youth and their families, Abbott House serves as a source of hope and light to those in need. Based in Mitchell, SD and Rapid City, SD, Abbott House has helped youth, ages 7 to 23 overcome the hardships of abuse, trauma, and neglect in a learning and living space that is conducive of gearing youth with the developmental skills, resources, and tools needed to overcome these hardships and succeed in life.

“The road leads uphill to the very end.” – Grace Abbott

Welcoming youth from across the state of South Dakota, and beyond, to our care, Abbott House champions for the greater success of those we serve, using a trauma-based approach to recovery that is not only therapeutic, but welcomes personal growth and achievement. From our foster care services to residential treatment services, Abbott House has given youth a second chance at life for over 80 years, operating on the premise that all youth deserve unconditional support and opportunity. Whether you’re with us for six months or for four years, Abbott House welcomes you with open arms. We promise you’ll be in good hands that are here to support you and uplift you through and through.

Our Capacity to Serve

At the Abbott House, girls are divided into living groups by age and therapeutic needs. Girls typically spend anywhere from 12 to 18 months at Abbott House, depending on their individual circumstances. 

Up to 24 more boys and girls can live in our Bridges Therapeutic Foster Homes and 4 boys and 4 girls can live in the Larson Independent Living Apartments in Mitchell. Up to 18 more boys and girls can live in our Bridges Therapeutic Foster Homes. In addition, eight young adults - 4 girls and 4 boys can live in the Larson Family Independent Living Apartments in Rapid City.

Our Approach to Care – Building Relationships to Heal Trauma

Abbott House uses the Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) program. This trauma informed approach to treatment recognizes that children from hard places can learn how to change their behavior and work through their trauma using the three principles of Connecting, Empowering and Correcting.

Connecting with youth helps them to build trusting, healthy relationships. These relationships help children feel valued, cared for, safe and connected to others. Through these relationships, their capacity for connection, growth, and learning increases.  

Empowering youth to take care of their physical/internal, environmental and sensory needs allows girls prepare their “bodies and brains” and increase their ability to learn. 

Correcting includes Proactive Strategies in which social skills are taught and practiced during calm and alert times. The other strategies that are used are called Responsive strategies. These tools are used in responding to challenging behaviors in a kind and respectful manner.   

Through this program, our girls are able to leave Abbott House healthier and better able to solve problems that come their way.   

Are you or someone you know transitioning to our care?
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