Congratulations to the 2021 Give for Kids Winners

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Congratulations to all of the Give for Kids Raffle winners.  Participants from across the state help us raise more than $9,000 for education software and Christmas presents for our children.  Thank you!

And thank you to our 2021 sponsors who helped make this event such a success!

2021 Abbott House Give for Kids Prize Winners

$2,500 Cash                                                       Kim Kappler, Alpena

$1,250                                                                  Ann Noyes, Pierre

$750                                                                     Jamie Deutsch, Frankfort

$500                                                                     Shawn Miles, Mitchell

100 lbs ground beef                                       Melanie Barclay, Rapid City

$100 Beef Bucks                                             Dawn Roth, Mt. Vernon

Pioneer Seed Corn                                          Joy Prehn, Clear Lake

Trish Gates Photography                            David Lambert, Mitchell

Vertex Sky Bar Membership                      Steve Ferley, Rapid City and Eileen Desmond, Rapid City

Wild Oak Golf and Gym                               Judy Thiesse, Mitchell

Strider Bike                                                       Nicole Morrison, Bismarck, ND

17” Combine Flag                                           Steve Sternhagen, Yankton

13.5” Combine Flag                                        Lenard Von Eye, Wessington Springs

12.5” Combine Flag                                        Gail Arnott, Wessington Springs

14” Combine Flag                                           Gail Arnott, Wessington Springs

John Deere Footrest                                      Miah Gillen, Mitchell

Combine Footrest                                           Andrew Zastrow, Wessington Springs

Blackstone Grill                                               Todd Tegethoff, Mitchell

Seint Skin Care                                                 Jen Kolousek, Wessington Springs

Allevity Entertainment                                                Jan Quenzer, Mitchell

Mega Gym punch cards                                Christie Gunkel, Mitchell, Sara Thompson (2), Wessington Springs, Sunny Backlund, University City, MO

Jenz Trends                                                       Elena McKinney, Mitchell

John Deere toy combine                              Nick Backlund, Mitchell

DWU season pass & accessories               Julie Kaus, Wessington Springs

Custom Crop Application                            Steven Rodunner, Wessington Springs

Mystery Prize Winners

Sweet Grass Restaurant Certificate         Todd Tegethoff, Mitchell

Red Hog Restaurant Certificate                Caroline Stahl, Huron and Lashell Menning, Corsica

Baker’s Design Gift Certificate                  Steve Ferley, Rapid City

Blazing Star Grooming Certificate           Gail Arnott, Wessington Springs

TLC Marine Certificate                                 Todd Tegethoff, Mitchell

Mitchell Technical College                          Tessa Bitterman, Mitchell
Oak Room Certificate  

Fuchs Orthodontics basket                        Tessa Bitterman, Mitchell

Vicki Harmdierks Wood Design               Jen Kolousek, Wessington Springs

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